Federico Paolinelli

CNF Networking team @ Red Hat

Federico works remotely for Red Hat. Being part of the CNF Networking team, he contributes to networking features of OpenShift relevant in the telco context. Before that, he has been building complex distributed systems for finance using C language, and then in Go. His current interests are related to Go and modern microservices architectures. He is also a contributor of Athens, the dependencies proxy for Go.

Federico Paolinelli
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This edition

EBPF for the rest of us
November 21 2023 - 14:30 (60 min )

EBPF is getting popular and popular. In this talk I will reintroduce it, and will describe what is the state of the art and how we can leverage it to solve problems related to performance, security and networking.

EBPF for the rest of us

Past Editions

Recipes for reducing cognitive load – yet another idiomatic Go talk

During the past year as maintainer, I found a set of common patterns people new to Go keep missing. In this talk I put them together as a set of actionable items that will dramatically help Go developers in their clean code journey.

Tests in a box: Shipping your tests in a container for fun and profit

A "practical experience" talk on how we slowly converted several test suites scattered in different repositories in a productized container that allows customer to validate the deployment of their platform.

Rpc on steroids with Go and Grpc

Grpc is known as an “Rpc framework”. What is less known is how it internally works and the fact that a lot of “advanced features” such as service discovery, retries, tracing are really easy to enable in the Go implementation. In this talk I will describe this less known features of Grpc.

Fast messaging with Nats and Go

Even if synchronous calls are the most popular way to communicate between distributed services, event based communication is a common alternative due to its advantages in terms of decoupling between producers and consumers.

GoLab for the Planet

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